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New songs up!

2011-08-09 14:49:08 by FourteenSouth

2 new clips: "Aviary" and "Swing it."

New metal clip!

2011-02-17 16:02:29 by FourteenSouth

Check it out now:

Dragoon (Metal)


New orchestral piece up!

2010-12-13 18:01:46 by FourteenSouth

Epic Battle Time! 2 is up!

Give it a listen!

I am currently seeking a few projects to work musically on. Nothing is out of bounds, and, I promise to deliver you a product that you would deem worthy for whatever it is you are in need of.

PM me if you're interested in some awesome music from a guy who's really easy to work with, and has no limits to their ideas, musically.

More metal ideas!

2010-12-02 12:15:08 by FourteenSouth

Put up another set of ideas for progressive metal titled Virus-01. Give it a listen!

Reviews are also nice!

Alchemy Room

2010-11-12 21:13:28 by FourteenSouth

New song up titled Alchemy Room.

Be cool and give it a listen!

Wrote a quick orchestral piece. Could be used as a battle theme for some rpg, I dunno.

Upcoming metal tracks

2010-10-30 14:37:49 by FourteenSouth

Over the next few months I will be posting a few somewhat progressive djent/metal tracks for my personal side project. Kinda along the line of Bulb/Periphery/Tesseract.

Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is greatly appreciated.

After this foray I would like to attempt to delve into game/movie scoring. No genre is too out of reach, people! Gimme anything you've got!

I love you NG.

Upcoming metal tracks

Let's make somethin!

2010-10-28 16:09:33 by FourteenSouth

Whaddaya say?